The new SimpLEGAL webshop is launched!

We are pleased to announce that we have accelerated the solution of simplest legal matters, our lawyers’ contactless and paperless services can now be ordered and paid online with just a few clicks in the SimpLEGAL webshop!


From our ever-expanding range of service packages those available to order online right now (only in Hungarian at the moment) are as follows:

  • online legal consultation in 24-48 hours for urgent cases;
  • lawyer’s review of documents through an ultra-secure cloud storage surface;
  • instant access to contract templates that help you fill in the details;
  • solution for simple legal matters of businesses;
  • arrangements for the removal of infringing content from Facebook, Google or YouTube.


If you need a simple and fast solution for your legal matter and you want it online, visit SimpLEGAL’s webshop!