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We deliver results, while keeping your ongoing matters & legal solutions SimpLEGAL for you.

Here at SimpLEGAL we give you the kind of practical and solution-minded legal advice your lifetime friend with legal expertise would. Our mission is to absolutely minimize all legal complications in your life, to bring your legal issues to a quick and comforting closure, to protect your interests and keep you out of trouble.

Our team is on a journey of constant discovery of the most suitable and state of the art legal and LegalTech solutions, as well as alternative dispute resolution methods for you and your business.

The SimpLEGAL Experience

A LegalTech ride

SimpLegal uses an array of LegalTech solutions to find new ways of providing legal advice. Here at SimpLEGAL LegalTech solutions are our passion. We assist you in your day-to-day business and make legal matters easier for you.

Check out our business operation optimization plans, convenience services and tech-assisted document management solutions!

Taxation advice and accountancy support

We provide taxation and accountancy advice in cooperation with our accountancy and taxation expert partner.

IT security and technology support

We provide IT security and technology support in cooperation with our IT security partners. This enables us to provide IT security analysis besides counselling and legal support in complex IT and technology projects, as well as in case of cyberattacks.

Professional legal translation

We are proud to be able to provide multilingual legal advice to our clients with outstanding speed and efficiency in Hungarian, English, German, Russian and Chinese, among others. Thanks to our translator partners, we can also draft the most complex legal documents in any language our clients prefer in a cost-efficient and business-friendly way.

A multilegal approach

The members of SimpLEGAL lawyer team have experience in a number of jurisdictions, with a key focus on Hungarian, EU and American law. This enables us to solve problems with a multilegal and multi-jurisdictional approach – to help clients in cross-border or multi-jurisdictional projects.

Our Team

Kinga Madocsai

Dr. Kinga Madocsai

Attorney at Law I Mediator I Founding Partner

I am your legal advisor and alternative dispute resolution expert with a special focus on civil & corporate matters, commercial law, asset management, data protection, insolvency and environmental law practice areas.


I am taking pride in the success stories of our multinational corporate, SME, NGO and private clients resulted by our legal work & SimpLEGAL solutions. Being part of SimpLEGAL’s adventure is my passion, our team wants “SimpLEGAL” to be the very colloquial synonym of being completely client- and solution focused, driven by the brilliant simplicity and clarity our world needs, while always keeping an eye on possible alternative and state-of-the art legal solutions.

Phone: +36 70 236 2005

Daniel Necz

Dr. Dániel Necz LL.M.

Technology, Privacy and Data Protection Law Specialist I Founding Partner

I am your IP, Technology, Privacy and Data Protection Law expert with LL.M. degrees in Infocommunication, Data Security and Data Protection Law. My special area of expertise and PhD research topic is the international regulation on AI, novel technologies and cybersecurity.

I am proud to be graduated from the LL.M. program of Harvard Law School (2020-2022), where my focus was on comparative digital privacy, the American regulation of AI and algorithmic decision-making. We have founded SimpLEGAL to be the beacon of the new generation of law firms, empowered by both our legal expertise in state-of-the-art technologies and our experience in using them to provide state-of-the-art legal services.

Phone: +36 30 010 5002