SimpLEGAL solution: Data protection audit with a review of the entire company’s or organization’s data sensitive activities

Why is a data protection audit particularly recommended for businesses and other organizations?

A data protection audit may be particularly recommended in the event of significant changes affecting the company or its data processing activities. Examples of such events include the restructuring of a company group, the creation of a new business unit or the introduction of comprehensive new corporate programs. Notwithstanding this, it is also recommended that a periodic (e.g. annual) data protection audit be carried out, which provides an opportunity to review data processing and related practices and procedures, and to identify and remedy any errors or deficiencies.

How is a data protection audit conducted by SimpLEGAL as an external expert?

The data protection audit includes a detailed review of the existing data protection documentation of the company or organization, its current data processing practices, as well as its activities and operations relevant from a data protection perspective.

As part of the audit, in addition to requesting and reviewing documents relevant to data protection, we conduct interviews with managers or other experts in each area, and other inquiries as required by specific needs and the relevant circumstances.

We will summarize our findings and recommendations in an audit report (in several languages if requested) as a result of the data protection audit, in particular:

  • identify specific gaps and data protection risks;
  • we prepare a comprehensive report on the data protection compliance of the company or organization, so that our client can clearly see what risks they face, how to address them and exactly what further steps they need to take to comply.

We don’t stop at pointing out the shortcomings of a company or organization’s operations from a data protection perspective, but we also offer immediate solutions. This includes:

  • assistance in developing good data protection practices, preparing and reviewing data protection documentation;
  • providing a transparent summary of changes in data protection compliance following our work to the relevant managers or employees of the company or organization.

Our data protection audit service is always provided in line with our clients’ activities and specific circumstances. This means that, in addition to meeting data protection requirements, we can also take maximum account of the business and organizational aspects of companies and organizations.

In addition to compliance with data protection laws and requirements, we focus on compliance with data security requirements as well. We can further support complex data security compliance projects in multiple languages, in cooperation with our IT security expert partner.

Our success stories in this field

We helped an Asia-based cloud service provider offering services within the European Union with its comprehensive data protection compliance project. During the project, we identified specific gaps in its data protection and data security compliance and assisted the client in achieving full compliance.

In another project, we assisted a multinational technology company with its European data protection compliance, also focusing on the group’s internal policy structure and organizational culture, which were taken into account to ensure the highest level of data protection compliance.



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