covid-back to work-vaccinated

Returning to work with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines – how to do it legally in Hungary?

More and more employers, employees and HR managers are asking themselves how to redefine the concept of the workplace in a viable and safe way in the current phase of the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19), in the time of […]

Emails under the Christmas tree, or how to send electronic direct marketing materials properly with the holiday season approaching

In recent years, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has fundamentally changed the lives of marketing experts and companies, as well as the way we think about direct marketing in general. Electronic direct marketing (eDM) activities can continue to […]

Enforcing our right to a healthy environment in Hungary

There are several easily accessible legal instruments available in Hungary if we feel that our constitutional right to a healthy environment is being violated, or if we want to act for a healthier and cleaner environment, for future generations. In […]


  Administration. Everyone wants to do it faster and easier, preferably in a paperless, contactless, and environmentally friendly way. e-Signature is a key aspect of digital transformation projects, yet we found that there is still lack of clarity as to […]
home office

The basic interest of employers and employees behind having a home office policy in place

Can the employer monitor the work of the employee in home office, either by visiting the employee’s home or through a video camera? How does employee availability evolve in a home office situation? Are the working hours flexible or can […]
Privacy Shield

The end of Privacy Shield, the start of something new?

The recently published ‘Schrems II.’ decision of the European Court of Justice (C-311/18) brought significant changes concerning data transfers to the United States from the EU. In its decision dated 16 July 2020, the Court invalidated the Implementing Decision (EU) […]